Will you be one of the 40% who fail?

Leaders at all levels who transition into new roles today are expected to contribute at full speed. Results are demanded day one, before the ink is dry on the new job description. It’s no wonder, then, that failures happen in 4 out of 10 cases, with devastating impact on the organization’s human talent as well as its financial resources.

Or will you succeed?

In The Ascending Leader, after 16 years of experience coaching hundreds of leaders, Egbers and Schenck identify proven strategies to overcome the seven enemies of success that newly promoted leaders face. The comprehensive guide provides for a smooth and productive transition, with practical tools to ensure that critical knowledge is acquired and key relationships are developed. As a result, leaders are prepared to articulate a compelling vision and focused business plan.

Each chapter begins with a captivating tale of Pete, a new divisional VP struggling with the pitfalls common to so many promoted leaders. He is guided by the wisdom of his newly retired neighbor, Max, who gives Pete timely advice on overcoming the barriers he faces in his new role. Pete’s leadership adventures are followed by applicable strategies and tools that a newly promoted leader needs to meet the challenge and succeed.

Critical Strategies to conquer the seven enemies of success:

1. Conquer the Enemy Within

2. Manage the Chaos

3. Master Culture Cues

4. Calibrate with Your Manager

5. Connect with Stakeholders and Peers

6. Engage with Your Team

7. Inspire with Your Vision and Plan